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Thank you for visiting Showcase™ – the online home of the world’s #1 retailer for “As Seen on TV” products and more!

In 2007 Showcase™ finally made the big leap from 62 brick and mortar retail stores in major malls, to the internet! We now offer our unique and high-in-demand products directly to the consumer!


Showcase™ is different from other As Seen on TV websites. We have a decade of experience and over 62 retail stores located in major malls, which are a testament to our legitimacy, professionalism, our buying power and our promise to you that shopping with Showcase™ will be a fun and safe experience.

Showcase™ offers the most fun, interactive, new, and unique products ever –we call it retail-tainment! Founded in 1994, Showcase™ is the world’s largest and most widespread retailer for As Seen on TV products.

Our Quality Guarantee with the Showcase Institute™ Seal of Approval

In addition to our experience and our brick and mortar presence, only at Showcase™ will you find that each and every product we bring you – whether it’s an ‘As Seen on TV’ item, or something from our own brands – has been through the rigorous testing of the Showcase Institute™ and has received their prestigious seal of approval.

Each and every product we carry at Showcase™ must pass the strict guidelines and tough testing standards of the Showcase Institute™. If any facet of any product fails - regardless of how minor the detail appears to be - it is not approved by the Showcase Institute™ and therefore never hits our shelves. For every 10 products we test, only 1 product makes it through to our stores or our website.

Showcase™: Established, accountable, fun and interactive!

Don’t be fooled by “as seen on TV” kiosks, temporary stores, infomercials, trade show booths, or other “as seen on TV” websites. We are the largest chain in the world, with permanent stores in major malls everywhere. We offer you the best store and web experience, the most knowledgeable staff, and the best quality. Since Showcase™ is independent from infomercial advertisers, we carry only the products that work, and we will tell you the truth about what each product can and can't do


Hot Products
No! No! Hair
No! No! Hair
Painlessly removes hair and
delivers long lasting results

Enjoy hard boiled eggs
without the mess!
The Genie Bra 3pk

Wide shoulder straps for
comfortable bra support
  Zumba Fitness

Shed the pounds and have
a blast while you're doing!
EZ Moves

Just lift, place, and slide!
  H2O Mop X5

The 5-in-1 cleaning machine
DR-HOs 2-Pad
Massage System

Can provide 12 relaxing
massage techniques!
  Quantum™ 400
Deluxe Massage Chair

Relax in style with
the Quantum 400
Perfect Meatloaf Pan
Perfect Meatloaf Pan
Non-stick way to bake, lift
and serve the perfect meatloaf
  Falcon IX Outdoor Helicopter

Professional quality outdoor
R/C helicopter!

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